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My Expertise

     I specialize in blockchain governance models applied to replacing corrupt or inept political and legal systems. These distributed ledgers are versatile and provide legal and financial solutions that benefit the end user while removing inept or uninvited participants and influence.
Yes, that means I am in the business of creating systems to abolish politics as you know it.
We deserve better.
Strategy & Organization

     Our team is trained in various military occupations, specializing in the business-end of process development. This involves critical assessment of problems, direct engagement of relevant issues with finite resources, and ensuring that if the word "No" is required in the process, that no will be a hard, mechanical no that will not move via fraud or special legal access.

     We organize and train you how to reestablish a decentralized organizational structure, assess which state organizations are a threat to your peaceful secession, and methods to mitigate or eliminate threats to your organization. 

     Remember, the highest form of warfare is not fighting at all. If you have a group pf violent lunatics in your area demanding you use state services or they will harm you, you don't have an organization problem, you have a tyranny problem.

Blockchain Technology

     The distributed open ledger may be the most important anti-fraud method ever devised. This method is applied to produce efficient, ideology-neutral solutions. This means that humans not involved in the process will not be permitted to participate, by mechanic. 

     While this sounds dangerous, the population of any given county is nit necessarily  unmanageable by fiscally sound methods in any given geography. That means that the only reason these legacy systems exist is due to cultural momentum and basic necessity.  Reorganizing your political/legal structure doesn't require permission from anyone else but the participants; state and federal capitals have little ability to prevent this without currency deprivation or manipulation. hence, one of the first steps is to understand what the distributed open ledger is, how it functions, and how to use another currency to facilitate transition.

Political Restructuring

     There is no such thing as a 'government', it's just a bunch of people you don't know. The days of pretending those people, strangers really, have your best interests in mind while you are forced to pay for the moot and muda of endless boondoggles are at an end. You have the independent right to "alter or abolish". To not do so is to remain pillaged and abused.


     Do you know how restructure your city, county, state, or nation by function without fiat statutes? If you don't know how, you can't.


But that's not the real question.

Are you ready?


     Automation of the processes of your corporate structure is not a fantasy. It's the new normal. While technology may disrupt an industry and wipe out a profession, this is not always a bad thing for you. Automating politicians and attorneys while abolishing monopoly financial and court systems and "jurisdictions" from your area allows you control over most of your 'public life', without forced and fraudulent representation. Land deeds, currency, legal structuring, and financial controls are now in your hands.

     The cost to you is learning a system about as difficult as credit cards and saying No Thanks to stase "help".


     Many government corporate entities are bankrupt or on the way there. This is the definition of unsustainable, mathematically. More costs will be incurred to sustain operations, operations will cease, or relevant and germane changes will be made to ensure sustainability. The End.

     Because some of these systems are vital to social and economic functioning of civil society, you have the right to maintain your portion of it by demanding relevant and obvious structure changes or you will cease to fund these systems.


The End. 

     Restructuring your corporate entity functions as a legal exorcism. This involves separating your now dissolved corporate entity from state law and regulation, to become a completely autonomous, self-determining community structure.

     While this sounds difficult, the system you have now is more complex, costs more to do less work, and consistently yields worse results. What you allow to continue will continue...


Book appointments here:

Services are not available in USD!

All classes are paid for at 1 the rate of Litecoin (LTC) per hour. This is to prevent any USD fraud or legality that a hostile government would attempt to inflict on me. Your receipt will be the transaction ID and the audio of our session OR the audio of you stating you want the session off the record.

Speaking engagements are also available at 1 LTC/hr in Austin, TX. All other locations need to make an appointment to book and discuss costs and payment; starting at ~10 LTC.

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