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The purpose of the FAQ is to show an alternative organizational model to replace a centralized model. 

Central Bank:

-Cryptocurrencies and tokenized businesses deal with much of the political/legal/government necessity. Value is not real; it's a word used to elicit an emotional connection while amid a sale. When other humans control the interest rate and volume of currency in circulation, they control the purchasing power of that currency. That benefits those people. The closer you are to that economic fountain, the better you are; the farther you are the more it hurts you.


-The Libra cryptocurrency demonstrates 2 disruptive mechanics; 1) non-monopoly status to currency generation to any particular government and 2) digital governance models that do not require permission to replace your government with a better idea and an app.
1) If a government organization is funding it's operations via borrowing, taxation, and/or printing, that organization is on financial hospice. Borrowing is not a financial plan. Taxation is a monopoly on violent property reallocation and is an unsustainable methodology. Printing is a fraud upon a currency system and attached to the monopoly on violence. Human productivity and currency systems require none of these mechanics. 

2) As it turns out, your 8th grade civics class didn't tell you that anyone can abolish the Constitution, including Mark Zuckerberg. Yes, a smart contract can function as a legislature if you know how; it's what this book is about. This is a demonstrated single point of failure and it's time to reorganize. Imagine how far behind we are. Mark Zukerberg is rewriting human governance and, let's face it, no one can do that. That's why this system is by you and for you, for all of us.

Cops: Cell411 + Uber +/= Certification   (Cell411 is available. Mixing these platforms is how-to; specific software is not yet available.)
-Security on call, just like Uber. Individuals may or may not certify. You may filter your services by price, certification, service rating, or armed/unarmed. HOA's may leave crypto laying around on GPS coordinates that roving patrols may accrue a pay check by remaining on station when the hours dictate. EX: You can pre-purchase a single 911 call for grandma with someone who's paid to respond, without fear of excuses for predatory security services harming those who called for help.

-Neighborhood watch groups may also use Cell411 to self-organize unpaid security and helping-hands services for the community.



-Self selected arbitration or legal insurance structure allow a wide variety of defensive legal models that only enforce you contractual/statutory structure.

-See CrowdJury for just one of many sound models.


Roads and community infrastructure:

-Merchants have paid throughout time for the roads. The Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau purchase, as a multi-signature wallet or micro-deeding, the infrastructure and set up community smart contracts. The usage of community infrastructure in service fee (sales tax) or pay-to-play (like and EZPass) models is supervised by those whose businesses depend on it to survive and thrive.


-Property issues are only for those who own property. Communities should be guided by those with skin in the game.

Fire Department:

-Coordinated through Homeowners Insurance and Chamber of Commerce or direct payment methods. Like roads, the businesses need these as well. Most people can get in on the group rate. Competition keep the system honest; rising usage fees at the register will let you know if there's a efficiency problem in the maintenance. The smart contracts should make most fraud not worth the effort.


-Coordinated through Health Insurance, direct payment methods, and/or charity. Health care is only available where available, therefore understanding your own needs and availabilities cannot be forecast on any level.


-Private property and organizations like the Sierra Club.

Your issue not here or not explained well enough?  Email me on this site with your suggestions.

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