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These phases of software development will produce open source tools that solve the coordination problems that large societies suffer from.
Phase 1 - Constellational Dictionary

    Every word in the English language is assigned a singular and intuitive definition as well as an X, Y, and Z coordinate in the GUI. The coordinates never move. Therefore, any change of intent would require a corresponding definition and word change. This GUI is intended to allow anyone with an 8th grade reading level to engage in an educational understanding of language up to at least the level of basic contract. The GUI may also be used for advanced contract but, as this will be released open source, it is intended to assist in overall learning as well as streamlining contract for normal humans.

Phase 3 -
The Republic of America Interface

    With a fixed palate of language and the basics of civil society in place, This GUI will provide basic training and access to 21st century services that all humans may use in the 'public domain'. Land deeds, IDs, and currencies are just the beginning of decentralized banking and civil services. Peer-to-peer lending, borrowing, and monetary policy prevents the systemic frauds our kind has subjected the ignorant to for centuries. The fraud of representation and legislation cannot be allowed to continue and the days of the false-choice that the organization will not happen without it are at an end.

Phase 2 -
Social Contract

    This contract will be impossible to write without Phase 1. The manner in which this process could become fraud without that tool is so great, I'd not suggest attempting it without a complete and explicit language agreed upon up front, before any other steps can be taken.

    This is a basic contract, made explicit via the dictionary, that states one agrees to not murder, rape, and steal. This is a minimal viable product and is explicitly designed to not bundle anything into the contract other than systemic, peaceful belligerence on behalf of yourself and your voluntary associations with exceptions for violence only in self defense you and yours. The end. All other concepts you understand to be "legal" are done on your own, not by a legislature.

Phase 4 and 5 - Psychological Warfare Project and

Phase 5 is DISSENTCOM. While this is too far off to get into detail with, a decentralized defense would be required in a decentralized society. While there may be other efforts to that end, everyone should have the tools to DIY or at least check the work of those who centralize.

The DISSENTCOM software provides the following tools to the end user: Cell411 + Facebook + Reddit + ArcGIS + a voluntary Sesame Score. This allows protectors to come up on the net as a name and a face or as a certified, anonymous number that can be called in case of X. This software is accompanied by skill trees for all the DoD skills from all the services. The goal is to pass on the knowledge to future generations in a video database and credentialing system (part of the RoA ID system in Phase 3 set up), which will not require a government system to train protectors and omit the ability of that system to remove dissent and refusal ever again. Whatever classes we cannot procure open source and archive, we'll produce. These tools are all that future protectors will need to sole their own coordination problem and face their changing environment.

Phase 4 involves looking into communications errors produced by imprecise language. This thesis states that the characters of the English language either already have or require a hieroglyphic component to remove perceptive errors experienced by any ignorance, misperception, or deception of the language.  This is a research project and isn't functionally required other than a training addendum to relevant defense curriculum in Phase 5.

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