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1. All war is based on deception.

2. Politics is war by other means.

3. Truth is the first casualty of war

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The Last President and DIY legislatures.
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Therefore, systemic political and legal transparency are required to avoid war.

How would a military intelligence analyst attack a political and legal system?

The highest form of warfare is not fighting at all.


A direct republic is an organizational model utilizing select parts of a direct democracy and a constitutional republic. All members of a direct republic sign and agree to the constitution/social contract. This contract states you will not engage in murder, rape, theft, and basic crimes against humanity. Once signed, the individual becomes their own representative and places social contributions directly into the funding pools for the social projects they approve of, without representation or voting. All other laws are agreed to by adding modular pieces of law onto ones own palate of need.


This means the legislature is assembled in a DIY or build-a-bear fashion. Executives are, de facto, the individuals in charge of the projects you fund. The judiciary is self selected and directed, handled by contract. Cases are settled in the arbitration services, selected by contract, not by mandated courts with centralized and/or corrupt statutes.

This e-book is free. Donations into the crypto addresses in the book and below are greatly appreciated. 

Barnes and Noble: BN ID:2940161289730

Amazon: ASIN: B07P5R18VF
(Note: Amazon minimum list price for a book is $.99 USD. They are also supposed to price match the $0 USD price listed at Barnes and Noble. If there is still a charge on the book, I have complained and you may feel free to remind them.)

**The paperback is offered by a local company in Round Rock, Texas. I have no info on pricing or shipping.

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